Rental Property Calculator Excel

Immediate Cash Flow on Rentals

With prices recently climbing as quick as they are, it becomes more challenging to identify properties that will produce immediately cash flow on rentals.  This rental property calculator excel helps to identify cash flowing opportunities.  Rental properties have been a favorite among investors for long term appreciation as well as immediate cash flow when purchased at the right price.  

The below calculator is a very simple and basic tool that can be used as a starting point.  There are other factors that may be needed in order to calculate a true Cash ROI.  Seasoned investors will notice this does not account for vacancy rates (if any). maintenance, and or property management fees.  The reason being is that these factors can vary so much depending on location, type and more importantly the landlord/owner themselves.  This calculator does not also include tax breaks, deductions, nor write-offs as well as business expenses - again, this is all depending on the individual or entity.  

This is a simple basic cash on cash ROI for single family residence.  This is for informational purposes only.  Users are encouraged to seek the advice of a professional financial advisor before making any investments.  Users are responsible for verifying calculations.  Visitors feel free to download this worksheet on download button near bottom of worksheet.  

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