Income Requirements For Renting An Apartment

How Apartments Look at Income When Qualifying Potential Tenants

Income Requirements For Renting an Apartment - When making application, apartments will consider the total gross monthly household income of perspective tenants.  This means the combined income of all that will be living in the apartment before taxes should be considered.  In addition, most apartments will consider co-signors as well.  Always verify with the property manger prior to applying to ensure you can qualify, at least income- wise. 

How Do Apartments Verify Income 

Apartments want to know that you have the ability to pay your monthly rent.  They will most assuredly require proof of income.  There are several ways this can be accomplished, the most common type are pay stubs and usually 2 months of most recent pay stubs.  Other documents they may accept, bank statements as well as cash app statements, please verify with property managers of what is and what is not accepted as proof of income.  For those relocating for a new job and no pay stubs, apartments will most likely accept an employment verification letter from your new employer with their company letterhead, date of hire and income.  For the self employed, tax returns may be required.    

Getting paid, counting money

Credit Score For Apartments - This will vary from apartment to apartment.  Some apartments will post a minimum score such as 580 and other apartments may not base on score, rather will verify on credit report to see if you have the ability to pay the rent.  The actual credit score may take time to update so your credit report will list your monthly financial obligations.  If you have a low score and recently cleared up debt and your report shows no or low monthly financial obligations, you may very well get accepted.  Having an idea of your score helps but having a low score may not necessarily rule you out.  Always verify with apartments or property manager.  

Monthly Income Required for Monthly Rents - Many apartments will list a rent multiplier required for monthly minimum income to qualify for the listed rent.  The most common rent multiplier used is 3X the monthly rent.  It is not unusual to find apartments with as low as 2.5X and some even up to 3.5X the monthly rent.  The rent multiplier of 3X requires the household to have a minimum total gross monthly income of 3 times the monthly rent.  An example would be if the listed monthly rent is $2,000.00 per month, then the required total monthly income would need to be $6,000.00 ($2,000 X 3).  

Rental Calculator Tools Below For Your Convenience

Calculate Minimum Monthly Income  - If need be, enter the apartments listed monthly rent to calculate the minimum required total monthly gross income for each of the rent multipliers.  Keep in mind, most apartments use the 3X multiplier.

Min Total Gross Income 2.5X:
Min Total Gross Income 3X:
Min Total Gross Income 3.5X:

Calculate Maximum Monthly Rent  - If need be, enter the total monthly gross income, of all tenants before taxes to calculate maximum rent allowed for the listed rent multipliers.  Keep in mind most apartments use the 3X, 3 times monthly rent, however you will get results for all 3.  

Max Rent for 2.5X Income:
Max Rent for 3X Income:
Max Rent for 3.5X Income:

Monthly Apartment Fees -  Please note, apartments have a base monthly rent which is what has been covered above.  Few apartments are all inclusive, meaning few will include everything in base rent.  Most apartments have other monthly fees that may or may not include the following (but not limited):  Trash Valet, Pest, Amenity, Smart, Pets, Parking, Garages, and Utilities.  This can be aggravating if you are renting for the first time as suddenly things seem to start adding up.  It is wise to check on these fees prior to applying so that you can ensure theses expenses are accounted for in your budgeting.   In addition, keep in mind we are covering the monthly rents.  When making applications to any apartments you can expect to pay fees and deposits which we will cover at a later time.    

Do Your Due Diligence - The information provided here on this page is for informational purposes only.  These guidelines and tools are only intended to assist in your due diligence when considering renting an apartment.  We are not providing any financial advice.  Please consult with professionals of your choice.  

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