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Hello, my name is Gerald Enriquez, currently a real estate agent with Spirit Real Estate Group, LLC.  This website was created specifically for Plano TX residents and future residents to answer the most often question in real estate, "How is the real estate market?".  This site also discusses the home selling and buying process.  The objective - to provide a platform for our visitors to see how the Plano Market is doing and have their questions answered about real estate transactions without feeling pressured to call an agent. 

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A Quick Note 

This website is an ongoing platform to provide answers to our visitors.  The market pages were created as interactive and are constantly being updated.  We also have much content to upload as soon as possible.  If at any time you have questions you need addressed immediately, feel free to call me 682-232-1506 or simply hit the contact button below.  

A Little Bit More Info 

I live here in Plano, TX and have always been about sharing what I learn with anyone who has an interest. When I was working offshore with ROVs, I led a crew as a superintendent.  I quickly learned that when I passed on what I had learned to the crew members that wanted to know - we all benefitted.  The more they learned, the more they made my job easier, the better our jobs went and the quicker they advanced in their careers.  I felt, because I shared, it caused them to share what they knew and I learned a lot from them as well.     

So Why Real Estate 

In 2007 a family matter caused me to move from Bristol TN to Arlington TX.  I owned a house in Bristol and ended up buying a second home in Arlington.  The house I purchased was a HUD home, didn't know what that was at the time, other than it needed some work.  Somehow at the time, I was approved for 2 loans 80/20 for that house so basically very little money out of my pocket.  I had the home rehabbed, moved in and finally sold the 1st home in Bristol.  When all said and done and paid off one of the loans, the home was remodeled and I somehow ended up with more money and equity.  This alone caused me to figure out how this happened.  I ended up doing just as I did with offshore, seek answers from people that were doing this successfully and were willing to share what they knew.  

How I started

This started my venture in real estate and the path I went is through active real estate investing with buy, fix and flip.  My brother joined me and we eventually got into rentals/leasing as well as owner financing.  We also became very familiar with creative financing such as wrap around mortgages, private money lending, subject to and much more.  In short, we learned a lot about the residential real estate market and we did all this before I was even licensed as a real estate agent.  We did however have a close working relationship with a real estate attorney - who was a mentor that I was very fortunate to meet.  

How and Why Plano

Ok, so everything about real estate revolves around a market.  Without a market, there is no real estate.  My wife, Julie, was and still is a long time resident of Plano, TX.  We married in 2016 and I ended up leaving Arlington to move here to Plano.  It was a sellers market at the time so we ended up buying a house off market.  Since then I ended up obtaining my license as a real estate agent here in Texas.  I am now currently on the learning path again (actually - I'm always learning), this time the retail side of real estate.  


I now have direct access to data that previously I did not have.  Because I live here in Plano - I began to research and study this market.  I recently realized that I was able to to embed and share live data feeds from NTREIS North Texas Real Estate Information Systems.  In other words, I can make my own website and embed the information I use the most to do this research which makes it easier on me.  Although it may not be a thorough and complete data site, it does provide a quick and easy to read starting point and or to see what is going on now in Plano TX.  The idea came, why not make this site public, to once again share this data with anyone interested in the Plano TX real estate market.  I wanted to create a space where people can find the answer to "What's the market like?" anytime they want without having to call an agent or do extensive research.    

More Information with No Obligation

People usually want to know about the market for various reasons and I hope when it comes to Plano, our visitors will enjoy this site.  One of the reasons a person may ask about the market may be due to the need of real estate services.  This is where the second part of this site comes in.  I want to share information I learned over the years and am still learning.  Many websites I see for real estate agents (I say this respectively) are basically landing pages for "homes for sale" and "What's my house worth?" and then a biography about themselves with their credentials.  Some do provide information additional content but it does seem to be generic.  I'm different as I want our visitors to get the information they may be looking for here on this site.   If and when you need my services as a real estate agent, I want you to feel comfortable calling me.  I am doing a lot of this through video so if you do not feel comfortable with me, hopefully you can still find the information useful and can share with others who can benefit as well. 

Enjoy our Site

We hope you find this site valuable, helpful and as a resource.   If you find this site informative, share your appreciation by sharing this site with others who can benefit as well.  Whatever you decide to do, I am wishing nothing but the best to you, take care and thanks for reading! - Gerald Enriquez

#1 Complaint for Real Estate Agents

It has been noted that the biggest complaint for agents is lack of communication.  The challenge is that we all have our preference on our best way to accomplish this.  When submitting your questions, let me know the best way and best time to contact you - Call, Text or Email.  Click "Text Me Now" and let me know. 

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