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Information about Plano Texas real estate housing market and making sense of real estate to make it easier for you to SELL or BUY a home in Plano TX.

Gerald Enriquez

My name is Gerald Enriquez, I am Real Estate Agent here in Plano, Texas, sharing local market data as well as  my experience in real estate as an investor since 2007.  

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watch this video now

Plano TX Housing Market - Ever Wonder

  • How much Plano homes are selling for right now?
  • How quick it should take to sell your home in Plano?
  • Maybe you want to see average price per/sq ft?
  • How much Plano homes are appreciating?
  • What the Plano housing market looks like overall?
  • We cover all this and much more ...
  • Click links below image to see all the current market data from the city of Plano to zip codes of Plano

About Our Local Real Estate Market

The Plano Texas real estate market overall has been and still is a strong and thriving market here in 2021.  Homeowners have benefitted from appreciation in their homes and at the same time have seen increases in real estate taxes as well.  The housing market here in Plano consists of several zip codes and a wide variety of neighborhoods.  We provide current market information for the overall city of Plano as well as each individual zip code within.  For a thorough analysis of your neighborhood - reach out and contact us anytime.  To see the latest info on the City of Plano or by zip code click on links below underneath image.  

Plano TX Zip Codes Map

See market data for each    👉 Plano  👉 75023 👉 75024 👉 75025 👉 75074 👉 75075 👉 75093 👉 75094

Plano Texas Real Estate Market Now

What does the plano market say my home is worth today?

Selling Home Process

Homeowners Find Answers Here

We have created a page to answer many frequent questions.  You can get video answers now on your own time and in your privacy.  We are answering more as time permits.  

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#1 Complaint for Real Estate Agents

It has been noted that the biggest complaint for agents is lack of communication.  The challenge is that we all have our preference on our best way to accomplish this.  When submitting your questions, let me know the best way and best time to contact you - Call, Text or Email.  Click "Text Me Now" and let me know. 

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